Full program for both conferences (PDF).

The 2022 Artificial Intelligence Conference (AI) and the 2022 Conference on Robots and Vision (CRV) will take place jointly over four days, from May 30th to June 2nd, 2022. This program will consist of sessions, presentations and invited guest speakers, with opportunities for leaders in research, industry and government to share their work.

Please note: For 2022, AI/CRV will be a virtual conference. All presentations and posters will be online, with in-person social events to be scheduled in Toronto for those who are able to attend in-person. Viewing rooms and isolated presentation facilities will be available for all visitors to the University of Toronto during the event.


Instructions for speakers in-person

If you are speaking in-person, please make your way to the 5th floor of the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MY), located at 55 St George St, Toronto (Google Maps). The volunteers will direct you to your quiet speaker room, ready for you to present your fully online presentation via Zoom.  The rooms will include a large monitor, keyboard and mouse, webcam and microphone.

Please bring your own headphones and laptop.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your talk is scheduled to begin, in case any technical issues arise.

Instructions for speakers online

If you are speaking online, you will receive a Zoom link via email a week in advance.

Please enter your Zoom room at least 10 minutes before your talk is scheduled to begin so we can test your slideshow visibility. An online volunteer will be present in every Zoom session to solve any issues that arise with your presentation.