Home of Canada's National Capital, Ottawa-Gatineau is a showcase region of more than one million people. Located on the border of Ontario and Quebec, it offers visitors an opportunity to explore Canada's proud heritage at impressive national sites and famous landmarks, including the Rideau Canal (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). It's a city steeped in culture, with world-class museums and galleries displaying stunning national collections and special exhibitions from Canada and around the world. 

This area is a uniquely beautiful place: an urban centre on the edge of nature where one can enjoy both a vibrant cosmopolitan city and the great outdoors — just outside your hotel room, and nearby in the surrounding countryside. Explore the distinctive local neighbourhoods, including the historic ByWard Market: by day this area boasts a bustling farmers' market and chic shops – by night it hums with activity at the restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs.

It is a city that enjoys the finer things in life, with a culinary community that's earning wide acclaim, unique boutiques and shopping districts, a lively local music and art scene, and always exciting nightlife.

AI/CRV participants will be in the National Capital of Canada and will enjoy scenic trails for joggers, cyclists, hikers and all types of sports and nature enthusiasts… so be sure to visit Discover Ottawa. To learn more about Ottawa, please go to:


Things to Do in Ottawa-Gatineau


Parliament Hill

The seat of Canada's federal government and the setting for national celebrations the year round, Parliament Hill is the most visited Ottawa attraction.


Byward Market

The Byward Market is just east of Parliament Hill. It’s an historic farmers' market and shopping district by day, and a lively restaurant and club district by night.

National Cultural Attractions

Whether it's the stunning National Gallery of Canada, with world class art on display, or the dramatic Canadian War Museum, these are the experiences that bring Canadian culture to life.

UNESCO Rideau Canal

A historic waterway and the world's largest naturally frozen skating rink in winter – the Rideau Canal winds through the heart of Ottawa before connecting with the Ottawa River through dramatic stepped locks right next to Parliament Hill.

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